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Mecha Cat Crew is a project founded by artists. Our team is comprised solely of independent artists who share a love for cats. In the future, we hope to use our influence to showcase aspiring artists around the world. Community is our number one priority. We value trust and mutual respect.


4,444 probably-rare and cutest Mecha Cat Crew NFTs

Price FREE

Fair Launch and distribution - all Mecha Cat Crew NFTs will have the same cost of FREE + gas fee at launch day.


Includes creative and commerical rights usage of your Mecha Cat Crew NFTs for as long as you keep the NFT


Unlock additional benefits through roadmap activations and future phases

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The year is 2080. The eccentric supergenius Kaida Command, founder of MECHA LABORATORIES INC., has risen to become one of the richest women in the world through her company’s innovations in AI and personal robotics technology. MECHA is a household name—providing everything from personal AI robo-butlers to line cooks to construction workers. Ms. Command knows her power and influence is great, but a catastrophic event is about to make her machines even more coveted. Suddenly, news breaks of an achingly familiar virus outbreak. It’s a total COVID-19 copycat, except scientists determine that dogs are the main asymptomatic carriers, and only cats can die from the virus. They call it CANINE-19, and the feline survival rate is predicted to be devastatingly low. Despite the world’s best efforts to protect its feline friends, the cat population drops significantly over the course of the year—and Ms. Command is one of the cat owners affected.

When Ms. Command loses her precious sphynx cat, Cornelia, to the virus, she is sent into a frenzied mission to bring relief to those who have lost their best furriends.

Ms. Command immediately dumps all of her company’s resources into developing the MECHA CAT. An affordable, AI robo-cat that will mimic any real cat’s colors, traits, and personality based on a survey customers can fill out online. The MECHA CATs sell faster than CANINE-19 spread. The world praises Ms. Command for giving those who just lost their purrfect pals a chance to feel whole again.

The MECHA CATs sell so well that Ms. Command—still in a frenzied, obsessive state—decides to expand her business. She orders the manufacture of human-like, anthropomorphized cat versions of all MECHA’s existing AI models. A strange cat obsession has understandably crept into the public’s consciousness due to the near extinction of the beloved pet, so consumers catch on to MECHA’s bizarre creations. Customers begin to demand MECHA CAT everything from maids to security guards to dominatrixes—so Ms. Command makes it happen. She vows to put customization in the hands of her insatiable consumers. She even funds the creation of RARE MECHA CATS, which come at a premium and are equipped with special powers—like super strength or levitation.

As both pet-like and human-like MECHA CATs start to fill households, questions remain…
Will the RARE MECHA CATs stay loyal to their human owners, or will a rebellion take place? How will the extremely small percentage of real cats that survived reemerge? Join the MECHA CAT CREW to find out what happens next.


  • Release date: Aug 4 (PST)
  • Total number of tokens: 4444
  • Price per token: FREE + gas fee
  • Token type: ERC-721
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Number of categories: 8
  • Number of traits: 300+
  • Reveal type: Delayed (12 hours)

Yes! The first 500 members to join the discord will receive an OG role to be on the whitelist. After the 500 are filled you have to be an amazing contributor to the community in various ways. Check out the #faq in the discord to find out more!

Each Mecha Cat is constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of properties with different possibilities in the following categories: Background, Back Accessories, Body, Head Accessories, Hair, Eyes, Mouth, and Clothes.

Minting will be available on launch day on the Mecha Cat Crew website where you will be able to connect your wallet and mint your Mecha Cat Crew NFTs.